Hi I’m Darryl, and I’m really enthusiastic about engines, getting good results and giving great service!
I’m originally a farm lad, and have professionally had my hand to a spanner for over ten years now, mainly fixing agricultural and farm machinery alongside dairy milking. 
I left agri full time almost three years ago when I bought a narrowboat for myself as a project. I ended up re-welding the whole thing completely, with only a square foot of original steel left. She’s my passion project and I think it was fate that’s she’s called ‘Why Worry’ as that’s my favourite phrase. I was soon picked up to work at a local marina where I’ve spent the last 3 years. 
I love the boating lifestyle and feel lucky to live on the River Soar with my girlfriend. I’ve built up a really good reputation locally and now I’m looking to branch out independently to be a well-respected marine mechanic in the East Midlands.

You can see our Facebook page for more posts of what I’m up to. I’ll occasionally share pictures of my other projects including restoring vintage tractors and I’m always dipping back into farm jobs!